Hoops ED Highlights

It wasn’t too long ago when I went #airplanemode ✈️ on 2 of my, soon to be, AAU stars! I think this was the day they decided they wanted to be basketball players, and posterize defenders, like they were posterized here… 😂 r.i.p. to my watch ⌚️😢

HISTORICAL day!! In the previous clip he was in the second grade being introduced to the game. Fast forward to now and he is already playing above the (7ft) rim! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #CongratsLilBro #HoopsEDhighlights


HoopsED Workshop: Finish At The Rim

Here’s a recap from our “Finish At The Rim” workshop hosted by the Kroc Center in Boston, MA!! 

Reverse lay-up, head/pump fake, off hand, unorthodox challenges, pushing #HoopsED students to improve the skills and ability to finish at the rim. 

Finishing shots in traffic with contact is rare in youth basketball, so this workshop was designed to improve just that! Demanding skill work that brings out the absolute best in young athletes. 

Hoops ED Basketball Training

1:1 coaching, clinics, and camps. #HoopsED provides a comfortable learning environment where making mistakes are encouraged to aid in the learning process. Teaching the idea of dedication, and commitment our #HoopsED scholars are given the tools to be successful in all aspects of life. Sign up now!! #RepetitionOverReputation

Hoops ED Highlights 

HUGE congratulations to this #HoopsED scholar!! In her first year eligible to play for the school team, not only did she make the varsity roster, she also received the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR award!! 🎊🎉

 On the day she received her award the first thing she did (after finishing homework 📚) was get in the gym to get back to work 😤!! #RepetitionOverReputation

Hoops ED: Create Your Own Shot Clinic 2017 Recap

Create Your Own Shot 2017

Basketball is a team game, but creating your own shot is an invaluable skill to have in your arsenal and extremely useful no matter what position you play. It’s players that create their own shot that find more success scoring the basketball.

Successful basketball players know that scoring takes having the right mentality. #HoopsED clinics emphasize the importance of being mentally prepared!

Happy 40th Vince Carter 🎊

In 1998 a young man by the name of Vincent Lamar Carter would enter the NBA and capture the heart and imagination of the league, and leave a mark that would last a lifetime…

Vince was like nothing the NBA had seen before. His aerial assault on defenders would leave on lookers wide eyed, with their jaws dropped to the floor. Carter’s rookie season only foreshadowed what we would all come to expect for the next 19 seasons. 

Every night, basketball fans would turn to SportsCenter to see what Vince would do next. Playing in Toronto, Vince Carter fans had no choice but to check ESPN and NBA.com religiously. 

By the year 2000 Vince was set to compete in the NBA dunk contest, followed by the summer Olympics. Two events that would solidify him as the greatest dunker of all time, and the release of his first signature shoe, the Nike Shox. 

The King of Nike’s “Boing Dynasty” would inspire generations of basketball players that wanted to be like Vince. The 2000 NBA slam dunk contest is arguably the greatest of all time. Vince’s ensemble of dunks would have won the next 10 dunk contest that followed…

The 2000 Summer Olympics would be the platform Carter would use to takeover the world. Jumping over 7’2″ Fred Weis of France would be one of Vince’s greatest feets, and thee greatest  dunk of all time (in my opinion)!

These days Carter’s game has become more grounded, but fans all over remember the man that stole their hearts 19 years ago, Half-Man Half-Amazing, Air Canada, Vinsanity, Vince Carter. Happy Birthday!