USA Basketball Coach Academy

That feeling of being a part of something greater than yourself, of belonging to an organization with pedigree and respect. That’s how USA Basketball make their coaches feel, also providing the resources to improve coaching ability. 2 days of trainings from some of the most experienced and accomplished coaches in the sport of basketball. 2 full days of learning, and I made sure to sit front row! 🤓

Learning from legendary coaches has been a very enlightening experience. So many gems to share with my young hoopers. ​​​​​

Day 1 was focused on team practice and how to address your team and players at each level. Boxing out and rebounding is tough to teach young players, here is a clip of a drill to help develop great rebounding habits, demonstrated by Coach Joe Mantegna!


Youth basketball players should be developing one on one skills on a daily basis according to coach Phil Martelli.

Day 2 we covered developing team culture. With introducing the sport to so many young athletes I feel as though teaching the culture of the game is just as, if not more, valuable. 

Every drill, every lesson, every conversation reminded me of one of my young hoopers. I’ve gained so much from the USA basketball coach academy I truly believe every coach should take advantage of this tour. I am now prepared to take my teams and individuals players to the next level. 


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