Championship Walk with Gonzo 

I initially decided to sit out this season due to an increase in work schedule. While attending the first game as a spectator, the captain of the team walked over to the side line and said, “It’s not the same without you.” Instantly, I felt a responsibility to the gentlemen I was watching compete, so the following week I made sure to bring my sneakers…

Early on we all discussed our championship aspirations amongst each other. Seasons past this league has been a very competitive one, so winning would not come easy. Still, our team had an underlying confidence, and believed our time to succeed was now.

Midway through the season our team captain Joe’l “Gonzo” Gonzalez suffered a severe neck injury during one of our games. Joe’l has always been the player/coach that brought our team together each season. His leadership is one of the strongest aspects of our team and team chemistry, without it we were lost…

Lost, but somehow found our way in to the championship, best of 3 games series. Without our captain the team was down big early in the first game. We had played this team once before during this season. The game immediately following Joe’ls injury. It would be the first loss of the season.  

The day of Joe’l’s injury it went without being said, that we had to win it all for him. Although we were down early in the game we stayed composed enough to execute a strong game plan down the stretch. In the second half, following THIS alley-oop play, we went on a 15-0 run…

This play would not only change the outcome of the game, but the entire season, as our team was able to win 2 games back to back in the best of 3 series and capture the league championship!!

​Dedicating this championship to our teammate  Joe’l Gonzalez 🏆


After months of rehab, Joe’l is now recovering at home, but still has a long way to go. His family and friends have started a GoFundMe account to help him in his transition and we are asking for any kind of donation to aid in the process. Thank you!!! 

Follow Joel’s road to recovery on Instagram: @walkwithgonzo #WalkWithGonzo


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