With a Name Like ‘Ball’

With a name like ‘Ball’ what would you expect?

For the past year there have been highlights all over social media of this tall lanky kid in high school, pulling off some of the most unbelievable of moves. Fun to watch, true, but it’s easy to cut and paste a few highlights together to make a player seem better, or more skilled than they actually are. After watching his UCLA debut as a freshmen, it is very clear that Lonzo Ball is much more than just cut and paste!

(video courtesy of BallisLife)

In his first collegiate game Lonzo Ball put on a show against Pacific, finishing the game with a double-double of 19 points and 11 assists, and a dunk of the year nominee!

(video courtesy of Campusinsiders)

Call it a gut-feeling, but Lonzo Ball is one of those special players. Don’t be distracted by the highlight reel, because Ball is much more. Impacting games on a much greater level than just a dunk or a behind the back pass, Ball has an upside that NBA fans should be getting excited for, because something tells us he won’t be ‘Ball’ing in a UCLA Bruins Uni for very long. Level of athleticism and intelligence have hoop fans comparing Ball to the likes of Jason Kidd and LeBron James, huge shoes to fill but we recommend you keep an eye on this one! #HoopsED


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