The LeBron Legacy

The 2016-2017 NBA season is just beginning, but the start of this season was actually the conclusion of a very long journey for LeBron James. With the growing popularity of sports, and social media, LeBron James is arguably the most popular athlete in all of sports. Recognized by people of all ages, nations, and ethnicities, LeBron is also one of the most scrutinized athletes of all time.

Early in LeBron’s career, the expectations were extremely high. The next Michael Jordan (although Kobe made a great case for himself), multiple championship rings, and the million dollar Nike contract before he ever stepped foot on an NBA floor. With all of this looming over his head, there was doubt coming from every direction on whether or not he could live up to the hype.

In LeBron’s first regular season game he exploded on to the NBA scene. Although the Cavs did not win, LeBron finished the game with 25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals. A stat line that would foreshadow the next 12 years of his career.

Fast forward to year 13, after living up to and surpassing all expectations. LeBron James has finally accomplished the one thing his hometown of Cleveland has been waiting for, for 52 years. 20 years before LeBron James was born was the last time the state of Ohio was able to enjoy a sports championship. The “chosen one” delivered.


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