Preseason Clinic


Next week on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 I will be running a preseason basketball clinic from 1-5pm. This clinic will focus on improving aggressiveness and the right mentality during competition. Registration is now open on the Parks and Rec website: Space is limited so if you and your child plan to participate please register asap!

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Advice for FRESHMEN and middle school students in their first year of eligibility!

Freshmen in high school, and middle school student athletes should learn their routine. What does your day look like from the time you wake up, until the time you go to bed?

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Cliché, but true. Scheduling your workout time turns working out in to a priority. Consistently improving is key in succeeding at all levels of the game. Monday-Sunday, where do you find the time to get on the court? If success is important to you, then you must plan to succeed.

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Student Athletes Need ROUTINE!!!

Student-athletes need a routine! Everyday you need to have a schedule of what time your completing school/homework, and what time you’re getting on the court to perfect your craft! This is an important habit to develop if you plan to be a long term student-athlete. The only people that succeed in life, are the ones that plan to!

Private Lesson Schedule

September 2017 Private Lesson Schedule. Email to book your time with HoopsED!!

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Private basketball lessons take place Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday beginning at 4:30pm, Wednesday beginning at 1pm. Group lessons on Fridays, beginning at 4:30pm on the Lincoln Public School campus [Brooks/Smith gymnasium]. If preferred you can have HOOPS Ed come to you!

Below The Rim Basketball Camp 2017 Recap

This year I enjoyed a summer full of competitive hoops at the #BelowTheRim basketball camp. This camp is great because of the quality of players but also the quality of coaching! Michael Snoddy is the director of #BelowTheRim and has done an amazing job of recruiting some of the best basketball minds in the area to teach the game!

Improving Athleticism 2017 Recap

Hoops ED and Janey Elite Training present the “Improving Athleticism” summer program. Focusing on conditioning, foot speed, vertical leap, and overall strength.
The focus of session 1 was to improve overall power.
The focus of session 2 was to improve overall endurance.

Sessions 3, 4, and 5 put an emphasis on speed, agility, and strength.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the #HoopsED and @janeyelitetraining #ImprovingAthleticism summer workout program. Every time this group got together they were pushed to their limits, so much work was put in and they will absolutely reap the benefits!! Hope to see more of you next summer!!!

Post Game Dunk Off

A healthy aspect of the basketball culture is the art of the dunk. All basketball players, early in their career, have the dream of playing above the rim. Some never are able to live out that dream… but there are also some that are blessed with the gift of elevation. It’s not uncommon for a dunk contest, or a dunk-off, to take place at any gym. Those bestowed with the gift of elevation, love to share:

There are a ton of athletic guys that play in our Sunday Men’s League at the YMCA. Today a couple decided to put their athleticism on display, following their teams win. I consider myself to be somewhat athletic, but I’m also a fan of a quality dunk, so I made sure to capture some of the action! 🤳🏾⛹🏽…

The #HoopsED & @janeyelitetraining “Improving Athleticism” summer program is open for registration. This event is limited to a small group, and invite only. If interested email #HoopsED ASAP for the link to register ( 📬!!! Learn how to play above the rim like these guys 🛫🛩✈️🛬… #iHeartDunks